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Hi! I'm

Siddharth Das!

My Mission is to help people in managing their stress and living their best lives with Mindfulness.

I am a certified Life & Mindfulness Coach with over 14 years of experience in corporate and wellness sector.

I help working professionals in overcoming self-limiting beliefs and habits and developing a growth mindset to excel in the corporate world.

Featured Programs and Courses

Learn about some of my best performing programs and courses.

The course that might change the way you think about routines and productivity

 A One-on-One program for individuals to understand and implement mindfulness

A guide to overcome stress, anxiety, self-doubt and other limiting beliefs

My Expertise

One-on-One Coaching

An intensive 8-week program with individual attention to help you to take mindful decisions and overcome stress, anxiety using the power of mindfulness.

Workshops & Corporate Trainings

Our corporate training services focus on leadership and behavioral development to enhance the skills and capabilities of your employees.

We provide personalized coaching and support to help individuals identify their strengths and areas for improvement and develop strategies for growth and development.

Podcasts & Interviews

Do you need a qualified speaker to bombard immense value on your podcast? You can leave that heavy lifting for me.

More about
Siddharth Das!

From working in a coffee shop to quitting a high-profile job in order to pursue his passion of teaching mindfulness that has now positively impacted countless people around the world. This video shares a glimpse of Siddharth’s story.


With over 12000+ people positively impacted over the last 5 years through social media, 

I’ve helped thousands of people to improve their life with mindfulness and overcome their psychological limitations.